Spring equinox - Solar eclipse of the heart.

I feel a lot of internal sediment has been shaken up this past week, old wounds being exposed to the light, old beliefs being brought into question. The spiritual parts of ourselves can get quite impatient and long for our desires to be reality RIGHT NOW. When we bypass the essence of longing, and live in the "having" we disengage from where we are, and we end up pushing ourselves past our limits. We beat ourselves up, and allow our ego's to take the lead... Leading us right back into the chaos of where we "should" be, and the old beliefs about our bodies and minds start to creep in. 

Tonight  I invite you to relax into the darkness of the solar eclipse, to reach out for support if you are feeling alone. Seasons are changing, and so are we... In the most beautiful awe-inspiring ways. The new moon inspires creativity and rebirth, all parts of you are allowed to be here. Allow the light with the dark, the love with the fear, and the beautiful with the not beautiful. 

Here is my gift to you...

Sometimes I cry.
I fall back into the body of my seemingly unlovable inner child. 
I forget who I am and what I believe. 
I forget my journey, and I forget my self.
But then I look into the mirror and I start to see the truth.
I see that my body is still a gift. 
I see that I am not my emotions, and I see beauty. 
How did I get lost again? 
It feels painful even if it was just for a moment.
Sweet one, you got lost in the mind. 
In the past and paralyzing fear of being stagnant. 
Newness is intoxicating, and brave, but it can also be scary and confusing. 
But see, here you are again. 
All of you has arrived to this moment, here at the mirror.
When will I stop forgetting? 
When will I know all of me is always whole, and enough. 
That is not a job for you this time around my love, the work is in the remembering.

You are loved,