Day 17!!

Well It’s day 17… I’m actually on day 19 but my post is a few days behind. Things have been really smooth and lovely, Ive started Yoga which has been just what my body was craving, and Im loving it. The past 17 days have not been a challenge, they have been just perfect there is no struggle between my body and mind, there have been emotions but I’ve allowed those to come and Ive given my body the time it needs to really process them. Ive come to the realization that I don’t have “issues with food” I have issues with fear and shame and not wanting to be with those feelings, until now. Video blogging is still a little awkward but I’m trying not to judge myself and just talk about things as they come. Judgment is a funny thing, we put it on others in our minds but really its our own feelings of fear and shame put on ourselves. So today I say, lets do something we have always been scared or too ashamed to do. Lets be a little crazy and dance in the streets or sing to the song playing at the grocery store. Lets be honest…. We are funny and smart and badass humans! Its time we start shining the spotlight back on ourselves.