Keeping It Real: A Yogi Vows To Eat Clean

I really enjoyed this article because I think Anne touched on some really great points… Unless you struggle with food its really hard to comprehend why those with over eating issues or weight issues don’t simply “eat less”. 

Ive discovered in my great quest to “figure out my weight issues” that food has really nothing to do with the matter. I eat for a reason, to feel better, for comfort, to feel alive, to be social, to have fun, even to protect myself… When we dissect food itself we realize that there is no way it can physically bring me comfort… It can bring fullness, and excite my tastebuds, even bring my body warmth, or chill.  

But the truth of the matter is, I have associated these feelings with food. I no longer eat for sustenance, and to be honest I hope that is never the only use for food. I love celebrating over a family style dinner, and sharing a meal with my loved ones. But I think the true issue lies in being able to feel the feelings, rather then numbing them blind.  

Acknowledgment is first step to change, here I am changing! This detox has made me realize that things might get real, and scary, and hard. But the only way I will be able to move past my crutch that is sugary fatty fried goodness is to open my heart, shut my eyes and feel all of things Ive been fearful of. 

Because usually the scariest things are not so scary when we simply turn on the light and have a look. So with that I say be kind to those around you, be kind to those you haven’t met yet, and most importantly, Be kind to yourself.