No more waiting, or doing... Just being.

So, what is the point of waiting? What exactly are you waiting for? Is somebody going to give you what you always wanted? Will a train come from Heaven bringing you goodies? But nothing that could ever happen could be as good, as precious, as who you are. What stops you from being, from being present, is nothing but your hope for the future. Hoping for something to be different keeps you looking for some future fantasy. But it is a mirage; you’ll never get there. The mirage stops you from seeing the obvious, the preciousness of Being. It is a great distortion, a great misunderstanding of what will fulfill you. When you follow the mirage, you are rejecting yourself.

— A.H. Almaas

My whole life Ive been waiting to be the perfect weight, to be the right kind of person, to be rich, to be loved, to be everything anyone would ever want in a person and then some. Ive spent countless hours trying and pushing and working to be good and to be enough… What is enough? Ill tell you whats enough… YOU ARE. and I AM. We are all enough, perfect, lovable, and whole as we are right now in this very moment.

Now as crazy radical as that might sound, Its 10000% true. However each of us holds the judge within who weighs in on our enough-ness. Tell the judge, ego, or whatever you choose to call it… To: “FUCK OFF, I AM ENOUGH AND I DON’T NEED YOUR INPUT!” Enough is Enough.. literally.

Take a deep breath, allow the experience of the present moment to unfold. Allow every feeling, and sensation to remind you that you are fully supported by the earth, and that you are ALIVE! That what happened 5- 10 minutes ago, last week, last year is gone now… There is no need to bring the fear of past experience, or the worry of what might or might not be into this breath. Breath in the light of this perfect inspiring moment, and release anything that is no longer serving you. 

Isn’t it so wonderful to know that you don’t have to DO anything… That just being is enough. 

I love you,