The power of Yoga... it ain't no joke.

This morning I woke up with debilitating lower back pain. It was probably those 500 jump rope jumps, or 100 KB swings, or maybe the running I did yesterday, regardless I woke up in pain. My first instinct was fear, Ill be out of commission for a week I thought. My second thought was, “I need to call someone to tell me what to do.”.

But instead I decided to use the knowledge I have. I iced my back then did restorative yoga. I did Supine Hamstring Stretching with a strap, Two-knee twists, a gentle Sphinx, Pigeon on each side, Thread the needle, and Legs up the wall. I worked with my body, and I softly released the fear. I asked my body to show me what she needed, I asked her to let me help in any way I could. Being as this occurred at 5am, I iced my back once more and then slept for an hour and a half.

When I woke up there was some pain but its been feeling better and better. I know that a few years ago I would have been angry at my body, but this time I was nothing but grateful and compassionate, for all the hard work she’s been doing. 

We are only given this one amazing body, and while at times we feel stuck or frustrated with results and mobility, its so important to be grateful. To acknowledge the incredible triumphs our bodies go through everyday. Resentment and my body are no longer hand in hand. Now I only see her with Love, Light, Acceptance, and Excitement. 

I am getting really excited for Yoga Teacher Training in the fall. I can’t wait to learn all of the amazing therapy tips and tricks. I am so grateful for my body journey, for it has lead me here to this place of love and acceptance. I am so grateful. 

With so much love!