The Wanting

  1. I want to feel the completeness of my experience, even if my current experience is shitty.
  2. I want to ease into the uncomfortable feeling of wanting something that is not currently here with me rather then numbing the wanting and the inevitable sadness away. 
  3. I want to feel the highs and lows in order to truly understand that they are one in the same.
  4. I want to see the dark places, because I know there is still love there.
  5. I want to bloom open and stay open even when it feels safer to close and shut down, to retreat in fear.
  6. I want to be bored just to see how that feels. 
  7. I want to let go of the idea that doing is being.
  8. I want to love myself so radically that when I wake up I’m surprised that I could possibly be so filled with love that I am moved from tears into laughter when I look in the mirror. 
  9. I want to let go, and flow with the wind… stop hoping, wishing, fixing and just be. 
  10. I want everything that I already have, that is already me, that is here in the now where I am set free.