What is cooking with Intuition?

Im sure you are all dying to know why exactly the URL of this blog is called  cooking with intuition, get ready folks i’m about to spill. Its my belief that we all have the ability to cook without recipes, intuitively with ease and grace. There are some things blocking us whether we were told at some point we can’t cook, and just never believed that we could, or have a fear of food through dieting and illness. This blog is here to inspire you to get crazy in the kitchen and try new things, as well as for me to do the same and share as I learn. 

I look at recipes for inspiration, and then go to the beat of my own drum, I encourage you to do the same with any recipes I post as well as any you find on your own. Cooking is a creative way to take care of yourself and those you love. Once we can step away from the self critic that promotes the ever daunting label of perfection and step towards the art of having fun it is then that we can really blossom in the kitchen. 

My recipes will include measurements for those who would like them, but everyone has different tastes so please follow what you know about yourself and alter it to work for you. Also I cannot stress this enough… Listen to your body. Your body knows what it needs and wants, your head may be saying I want candy and cupcakes, while your body is craving dark greens and cacao. So I like to take three deep breaths before eating to check in with my body, and make sure I am serving it what I need.

It took me years and years to find my confidence in the kitchen, after going through every diet in the book, gaining and losing hundreds of pounds I finally stopped searching and started listening. I started loving good whole food, and using it to heal my body rather then numb it. I encourage you all to listen to your bodies because they are wise beyond their years. 


I love you all and can’t wait to share my curiosity with you!