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Body Love Yoga: Taught by Wendy Webb


Wendy Webb will be teaching class tonight! Check out more about her here. 

Cost: $10

Time 6:30 - 7:45 

Location: Gem Studio

Winter Horizon and Hip Circles

Let's prepare for the arrival of the winter season with a gentle sequence exploring hip circles and openings. The boundary between earth and sky is as real as it is imagined. Make time for your inner vision and nurture a new horizon this winter.

**Body Love Yoga is a body acceptance based practice incorporating Yoga Asana, Meditation, Mindfulness, and Grounding. All levels, body sizes, and people are encouraged and welcome to join this practice. This practice understands and supports that each person will look different in each individual pose, as no body is the same as any other body. This practice encourages props for support, questions, and feeling into poses to find what works best for each body. This is a safe space to connect deeply. This practice understands that you are the only authority for your body. Inviting each individual to listen deeply to what feels good and what does not. We ask that everyone take as much space as is needed and wanted. This time is for radical self-care, and to meet the body with Maitri (unconditional loving kindness). 

**This practice also understands that Body Love is a practice on a spectrum and wherever you are between body hatred and body liberation is welcome. This practice is for YOU.

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Body Love Yoga
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Body Love Yoga: Taught by Wendy Webb