4-Week Meditation Series


4-Week Meditation Series


In this four week candle-lit series we will be focusing on bringing our awareness to the body. Moving from the mind, to the heart. Heart to the belly. Belly to the soul. All mediation levels are welcome.

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Series Info

6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

Thursday: July 7th
Thursday: July 14th
Thursday: July 21st
Thursday: July 28th

Be Nourished Studio
3719 N Williams
Portland, OR 97227

Series Structure

Week 1: Mind (Listening)
We will start by meeting the mind and bringing self compassion as we see the chaotic wild nature of it. Focusing our awareness on stillness we will start to watch as thoughts pass like clouds.  

Week 2: Heart (Feeling)
Our focus in week two is on listening, and allowing the heart to be exactly where it is. Lightly leaning into physical and emotional sensation without labeling, holding, judging, or identifying with the sensation. Giving the heart space to be and feel all that is present.

Week 3: Belly (Balance)
Our focus in week three is on grounding deep into the belly center. Taking space within our experience and finding center. Balancing mind and heart to come back inside.

Week 4: Soul (knowing)
In our final week of the series our focus will be on incorporating the concepts we established in the earlier weeks (mind, heart and belly) landing us in the seat of the soul... A deep place of knowing. Letting go of expectation, plans, and thoughts we relax into the mystery and find comfort in the safety of the body. Warming to the idea that we have everything we need already within us.