"To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance." - Oscar Wilde

Self love has been my own personal mission for as long as I can remember. Over the past 10 years it has been my soul-mission, and I am here to say YES! I love every inch of me... because I am in a practice of meeting myself where I am every single day! I want to help you navigate old body image beliefs, disconnect weight and worth, challenge social stigmas about what beauty is, and most importantly support in defending against and purifying the negative self talk we don't even realize we are saying to ourselves everyday. You are beautiful. Your body is amazing. I want to meet you! If you want to learn more about me, check out MY STORY or BLOG

Embodiment and Self Love Is A Practice.

This is a lifelong practice, most of us are not taught to love ourselves...sometimes we aren't even taught to trust ourselves! By practicing meditation, joyful movement, and listening to body signals/sensation we can cultivate and integrate a deep sense of love and kindness for ourselves. 

I would love to help you in your journey back to self. Back to the innate worthiness of who you are just by being YOU. Allow me to be your body love guide, I can help you build your team of support, and offer practices that cultivate internal listening enabling you to trust that beautiful body of yours. We were not given a road map to self love, but together I feel we can create your own personal map back inside, back to the preciousness of your most authentic self. 

What does a session look like?

  • 1 hour session

  • Embodied Yoga

  • Meditation, together we will architect your own personal practice.

  • Compassionate Inquiry into your relationship with your physical body, movement, and non-physical hungers / desires.

  • Embodiment practices (How does it feel to inhabit your body?)

  • Taking your space in the world.

  • Mindful movement Practices incorporating yoga

  • Support in finding the right people for your path (mind/body/soul)

  • Internal Dialogue Discovery (How are you speaking to yourself all day everyday)

  • Business and career support

Each session is catered 100% to you, this time is all about you and the freedom to take your space. 

Session Options: 

  • 1 hour session $150

  • Body Love 3 month one-on-one Intensive: Includes 2 hour intro session, 6 one hour sessions In-person or over Skype, Body Love action plan, Home Practice guide, Meditation Practice Support : $1500

My goal is to support anyone drawn to work with me,  so please reach out if you feel a connection, or would like to learn more.

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"Anna has supported me in defining and developing my spirituality which began for me with an ability to connect with myself. I reached out to Anna about a year ago when I was reaching the end of a romantic relationship and feared that it was all my fault, that something was wrong with me and that I was forever going to be unlovable. Anna helped me to sit with all of my uncomfortable feelings by creating a space that was loving and safe. Better yet? She helped me learn how to create that same space on my own, so that I could explore those feelings any time, any where. With her guidance, I've developed rituals and practices that help me day to day and when things get especially tough. I have more gratitude, patience, and love in my life because Anna helped me learn how to give it to myself, which has opened up my ability to receive (and give) to others. It's hard and scary to confront your deepest darkest fears, but it is in doing so that you open up the doors for growth in all aspects of your life. No matter your internal struggle, Anna can and will help you find your way to your most fulfilled self. - E.C."

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