Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.
— Brené Brown


With over six years of industry experience in web based project management I have found that there are essential processes that must occur in the discovery, build, and launch phases of a new website. The current market showcases far too many sites with little to no thought around target market, look and feel, brand goals and needs, and the messaging that drives clients to take action. Your website should feel alive, it is the first experience your clients have with your brand as a whole. There should be a flow, hierarchy, and a seductive nature to the site that moves clients to want to know more. As the owner of the site, you should feel joy and confidence knowing that what you are offering to the world is being presented in a clear and beautiful way. 

My goal is to help guide the discovery process of how to position and tone your brand to elicit an active response from your clientele. Helping with content deadlines and staying on a quick and smooth timeline to get your site created and launched so you get more business. There are a few options we have as far as what working together might look like. Please see packages below. 

Looking for small business consulting? 

Reach out to me if you are wanting to elevate your business and need some support. It can feel overwhelming to know that you are ready for growth or brand repositioning but don't exactly know where to start. Together we can come up with a strategic plan to meet your goals. I would love to support you in anyway that I can to get your brand seen and your voice heard. Ready to make some magic?



Project Management + Custom Site
Pricing based on project team and scale

If you feel you need a more custom solution allow me to help build your web team.

  • We will find the right designer and developer to get the job done.
  • I will act as the bridge between you and your team.
  • We will work together to flush out your goals and ideas into a cohesive plan. 
  • I will keep the team on track for a timely launch, and your custom site will be built and delivered in a seamless and clean way.   


Simple and Effective: $2500 + Square Space $99 (annually)This package includes the following: 


Content and position planning
Schedule and project management
Photography planning (art direction)
Sitemap planning


Square Space platform
Site creation
Content entry
Email integration support
Blog creation + support
Social Media Integration


Full training for maintaining site
Confidence knowing you do not need a developer on hand!

Ready to Build your Website? 

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George William (GW) Winborn | Creative Director, Copywriter, Brand Strategist at Winborn & Company
"Anna is bright, quick and tapped into many levels of what's happening in our culture. She taught me something every day she was on the job, from the best ways to link concepts within a project, to how to find the best methods for upping a social media post. Her enthusiasm is infectious, her spirit shining. This means not only do you get an adept and smart project manager, you get someone who plays an essential part of your company's culture."

Holly Knoll | Consultant & Coach
"After trying to design my website myself and hiring a designer that did not work out, Anna was the answer to my website woes! She and I had an initial consultation and afterwards I sent her a brief overview of what I was looking for, leaving the details to her (huge sigh of relief). Anna quickly went to work and was able to beautifully translate what was in my head onto my site, from the artistry and design of the site to the practical function. I was thoroughly impressed with her results. By completing my site so quickly, I was able to reach my clients faster than I had expected. Best of all, I have a site I am proud of. As a last step, Anna transitioned the inner workings of my site to me and I am fully able to manage my and blog posts from here out. I would highly recommend Anna to those looking for a beautiful site that is also easy to navigate and highly functional."

Tianna Terry | Professional Empowerment Coach
"Anna's passionate nature and superior artistic abilities are awe inspiring. I have known and worked with Anna on many projects during the last 12 years and have never seen a dip in her ability to get the job done with efficacy and enthusiasm. Anna is truly a pleasure to work with. "

Val Heart | Social Worker and Energy Healer
"I had a lot of fear about creating my own website. Anna helped me by supporting me each step of the way. This process of making the website has turned into so much more. It has allowed me to see where my blocks were related to my business. Anna is so much more then a web designer. You will be SO happy you worked with her! "

Jennifer Seavey | Director of Client Services at TrestleMedia
"Anna would be an amazing asset to any company! She has all the brains and attention to detail that one would want in an employee, but more importantly she is able to learn swiftly. She has passion for knowledge and understanding that it's people, not spreadsheets and task lists, that make a project successful. I would give her an unqualified recommendation to any one lucky enough to hire her!"